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Job Disillusionment What NOT to Expect from your Job

Job Disillusionment What NOT to Expect from your Job Be it your first job out of college, your first after an extended period of unemployment, or your first position in a new career, chances are you dont have a full idea of what to expect from the experience. There are always necessary adjustments that must be made to adapt to the new surroundings. Despite the unfamiliar territory, many employees may still hold unreasonable expectations about their new jobs and feel a sense of shock or disappointment when those expectations are not met. Whatever your current situation may be, try to avoid falling for these unfounded expectations that most any job will almost certainly fail to meet. Promotions and pay raises are automatic job incentives that occur regardless of performanceFalse There are virtually no companies that would offer a raise or promotion without reason. Sure, the longer you remain at a si ngle job the mora likely you are to receive advancement opportunities, but if your idea of gaining seniority is to just keep your head down and perform your duties merely adequately you must face the fact that you will never advance within the corporate ranks. Even if you arent looking for promotions or a bigger paycheck (and why arent you?) there is still a lot to gain from doing your best everyday and recognized for your good service.As long as you follow your heart, you will always enjoy your jobOf course following your passions is necessary to leading a happy and fulfilling life, but to believe that your dream job will automatically create a utopian existence is idealistic and unreasonable. Many people put forth Herculean efforts just to land the job theyve always thought they wanted only to find that it was nearly as enjoyable as they had always thought. It is important to realize that any job, no matter its focus, will always occasionally be boring, tedious, and frustrating. E ven if your job doesnt turn out to be as great as you thought, be patient with it and realize that no job is perfect.Regardless of your people skills, you can excel at any job for which you are otherwise qualifiedUnfortunately, shyness is not a trait well looked upon in the professional world. You must be able to communicate your ideas to people, get people to like you, and promote yourself. Regardless of how well you perform on a daily basis, if no one likes you or you never contribute ideas you wont get very far.The job that you are hired for will be the job you retire fromThe initial job description may be what drew you into your profession to begin with but if you want to continue with your professional development and excel as an employee you have to be prepared to expand beyond your original duties. A common complaint from new employees is that, within a few months, they are required to perform tasks that they were not originally hired to perform. But as long as the requests r emain reasonable, expanding your skill set is always worth the effort and occasional hassle. Accept as much additional work as you can to increase your value to the company and prove why you deserve more recognition and compensation.The bottom line here is that you should never assume your expectations to be true and every new job should be approached with an open mind and a willingness to accept changes as they come, whether they are expected or not.

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Raise Your Game Unique Salary Negotiation Conversation Starters

Raise Your Game Unique Salary Negotiation Conversation StartersRaise Your Game Unique Salary Negotiation Conversation Starters4Job seekers often dread salary negotiation conversation starters because they dont know how to approach the subject with their boss or manager. And when they do finally muster the courage to discuss the topic, they often dont know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.While timing is often everything, the approach, and language used, is equally as important when initiating salary negotiation conversation.Job seekers can take the fear out of starting the salary negotiation conversation by following these strategies from Chris Bolte,CEO of Paysa, a company that employs a data-driven approach to help you understand your value in todays job market. Bolte offers passive, aggressive, and data-driven salary negotiation conversation starter tips that will help flexible job seekers start the salary negotiation conversation with confidence and poise.Here is a look at three unique approaches to the salary negotiation conversation1. The Passive ApproachHi Boss, Id like to talk to you about compensation. As you know Ive had a great experience working here, I love the team and company, and Im definitely motivated to continue. Ive been a key contributor to XYZ initiatives, and Im slated to contribute to ABC initiatives and am really looking forward to that. Im not one to pay too much attention to this, but Ive been hearing from friends and past colleagues what other startups and companies are paying people like me, and its definitely opened up my curiosity about how in line my compensation is with the market for my background and contribution.Boltes TakeThis is effective because it opens up the conversation and leaves room for negotiation on both ends, Bolte says. Management will take into consideration the value you have given them and the value you will continue to give to them and make a decision based on that.2. TheAggressive ApproachHi B oss, Id like to talk to you about raising my compensation to be mora in line with the current market. You know that I love working here and am highly motivated to continue, but I feel like my compensation is lower than market for my experience and contributions, and Id like to find out what you could do to help adjust.Boltes TakeThis approach is more direct and specific with your boss, Bolte says. It opens up the conversation without leaving wiggle room to interpret intentions. This can be effective if presented strong with room for negotiation.3. TheData-Driven ApproachHi Boss, I wanted to open up the discussion about my compensation rate. Based on recent information from a compensation site that uses a data science approach to analyze a persons background and lets them know what theyre worth in the market, I printed out itscustom raise report. It looks like Im about $30,000 off in total compensation. Is this something you could help adjust for me?Boltes TakeThis approach is effect ive because it presents your boss with some actual market data, Bolte says, and Its hard to deny real data in line with the market.When initiating conversation around salary negotiations, always do so in person, says Loren Miner, chief operations officer at Engage2Excel, a recruitment products and services company.It is too easy to misread a reaction when over the phone or sent via email, Miner says.Keep a positive and upbeat mentality when you make your request. And remember to smile.Pretend that you know the answer is going to be yes when youre asking, and your positive attitude will reinforce why you deserve the raise, Miner adds.Looking for a job that pays a little more and offers flexibility? Start with this list of the top 100 companies for remote jobs.Readers, what approach would you use when asking for a raise? Let us know in the comments below.

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12XX Navigator Utilization Field AFSC Description

12XX Navigator Utilization Field AFSC Description12XX Navigator Utilization Field AFSC DescriptionThe Navigator Utilization Field encompasses all functions performed by rated navigator schreibstubers to conduct or directly support flying operations, including combat, combat support, and training missions. Inherently included are supervisory and staff functions such as inspection, contingency planning, and policy formulation. Specific Instruction on the Use of Certain AFSCs Identify navigators by the 12XX specialties appropriate to the type of missions and weapon system involved. Use the following prefixes to identify additional rated qualifications and experience, and unit manpower document positions that require these capabilities B - Squadron Operations/Maintenance Officer. C - Commander. F - Aircraft Systems Flight Evaluation. G - Automated Systems Program Designer. H - Military Consultant to the Surgeon General. K - Instructor for weapon system designated by AFSC. L - Life Su pport. M - Medical tafelgeschirr Specialist (Physiological Training Instructor). N - Navigator Required. Q - Standardization or Flight Examiner for Weapon system designated by AFSC. S - Safety. T - Formal Training Instructor. V - Automated Functional Applications Analyst. W - Weapons and Tactics Instructor. Y - Analytical Studies Officer. Identify navigators serving as instructors in undergraduate navigator training and formal training units (FTU) with a T prefix. Do not award the T prefix to instructor navigators in operational units. Prefix K identifies these instructors and authorizations. In each major weapon system (MWS) specialty, use suffix T to identify navigators serving as Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training (SUNT) instructors. Only use suffix S to identify electronic warfare officers (EWO) serving as SUNT instructors. Navigators assigned to duty as Aerospace Physiology Instructors, after completion of formal training, may be identified by prefix M. The office of the Chief, Flight Medicine, Air Force Medical Operations Agency validates positions and awards AFSCs. Identify requirements for staff officers above wing level with a staff AFSC (12X4). Award individuals possessing a qualified AFSC (12X3) a staff AFSC (12X4) upon assignment to a position so identified. Qualification level 3 designates a navigator qualified in the assigned specialty or shredout. Level 2 may be used to designate qualification at an intermediate level, if appropriate, for a specific shredout in AFSC 12BX. Level 1 identifies rated navigators at the entry level for their specialty. Current aeronautical rating and qualification for aviation service according to AFI 11-402, Aviation and Parachutists Service are mandatory for award and retention of navigator AFSCs. See AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel (Officer and Airmen) for policy on retention or withdrawal of rated AFSCs for personnel disqualified from aviation service or placed in an inactive status. Compl ete Listing of AFSC for the Navigator Utilization Field 12AX - AIRLIFT NAVIGATOR 12BX - BOMBER NAVIGATOR 12EX - EXPERIMENTAL TEST NAVIGATOR 12FX - FIGHTER NAVIGATOR 12GX - GENERALIST NAVIGATOR 12KX - TRAINER NAVIGATOR 12RX - RECONNAISSANCE/SURVEILLANCE/ELECTRONIC WARFARE NAVIGATOR 12SX - SPECIAL OPERATIONS NAVIGATOR 12TX - TANKER NAVIGATOR

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Heres Exactly What Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume

Heres Exactly What Hiring Managers Look for in a ResumeHeres Exactly What Hiring Managers Look for in a ResumeWriting or revising your resume can be a daunting undertaking. Before tackling this project, its important to understand what the person on the other end of your efforts the recruiter or hiring manager is really looking for. As a recruiter, I see thousands of resumes, fruchtwein of which miss the mark, says Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, a hiring mentor, recruiting strategist and human resources expert. Its heartbreaking to see talented people unable to get a job because they dont understand how to craft a resume that markets their skills and experience. But what exactly do recruiters and employers want to see? Are there certain points that, if missing from a resume, will likely result in a candidate not being selected for an vorstellungsgesprch? What do resumes of top candidates always contain? While some obvious advice comes to mind, like ensuring that your resume is error-free wh en it comes to spelling and grammar, there are some big-pictures issues to consider as well. Here is exactly what hiring managers want to find in your resume. Specifics about the job posting. Dont make the mistake of sending an identical resume to every employer. That will brand you as an amateur applicant. Instead, read the job description carefully and tailor your resume and your cover letter to address specific points that the job post requires. What I really need to know is what you have that I need and it should immediately jump out at me, Barnes-Hogg says. Highlight the skills and experience I asked for in my job posting. I have about 20 seconds to scan your resume and find the information I need. Dont make it hard. Relevant keywords. Todays job search takes place online as well as in person. Therefore, remember that those who make hiring decisions may never find your resume on job sites if you neglect to use the right keywords. Many recruiters are using online tools and searching for keywords to find candidates, says Kate Zabriskie, founder and president of Business Training Works, an onsite training provider. Put your recruiters hat on and ask yourself what you would type into your search engine if trying to fill the position for which you are applying. For example, a recruiter looking for a product development person with international experience might search for product development, international and negotiation. If your resume is missing those words, it would fruchtwein likely not rise to the top of the pile. Signs of motivation. The language you use in your resume can provide a window into your intentions and motivations about the job to which youre applying. Given the choice between someone who just wants a job and someone who specifically wants their job, most employers will choose the latter. I care deeply about motivational fit. Will they be motivated to do this job, in this company, at this time? says Rachel Bitte, chief people officer at Jobvite, a recruiting software company. Everyone can be enthusiastic, but will they be as motivated when theyve processed a new hires paperwork for the hundredth time? A common mistake job seekers make is not explaining their motivation behind the job at hand. Quantity of impact. When detailing your career accomplishments, avoid being vague. Use exact numbers, dollars and quantities whenever possible. Someone tells me they doubled the traffic to their website through marketing. I want to know, was it from 100 users to 200 users or from 1 million to 2 million? says Matt Verbin, CFO and hiring manager of e-commerce platform Tanga. Or they say they cut costs by doing X, Y and Z. Great, but what financial impact did that have? Hiring managers love seeing dollars and quantities of impact. A quick-hit professional summary. Since the name of the game is to get noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager, who often has only seconds to review your materials, it can help to include a professio nal summary or profile section at the top of your resume. This short section should highlight your unique strengths in either paragraph or bullet form. Resumes that receive the most attention include a professional summary, says Ellen Grealish, co-founder of FlexProfessionals, which matches companies looking for part-time employees with seasoned professionals seeking part-time work. While the traditional objective at the top of a resume tells the reader what you are looking for, make it about them. Grealish says. This is your opportunity to quickly sell yourself by calling out what you can bring to the role and why a hiring manager should read further.

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How to Tell Your Co-worker To Clean Their Desk - The Muse

How to Tell Your Co-worker To Clean Their Desk - The MuseHow to Tell Your Co-worker To Clean Their Desk Truth time You have enough to deal with at home with your roommates mess. No really, no matter how many times you ask him to please take out the garbage when its full, you still havent gotten through to him. So you dont really have the patience to clean up after your co-worker, too. And while you know everyones entitled to their own clutter on their own desks, it really doesnt feel fair to be seated next to someone who lets dirty lunch plates pile up for days on end. Seriously, a week might go by before she thinks to clear the area. Not only is the crusted-over oatmeal starting to look like its part of the bowls design, but the smell of old foods starting to make you ill. How to Put an End to This...if You Hate ConfrontationIf saying something point-blank about the seemingly obvious problem makes you nervous, try hinting. The next time you finish eating at your desk, stand up with your plate and ask your co-worker if you can take anything to the kitchen since youre going there, anyway. At this point, youre hoping for a sheepish expression (and fast feet) as she notices the disgusting situation youre slyly referring to and takes control. If she doesnt get it and instead hands off a few dishes, take them away and return saying, It looks like theres a glassware shortage- good thing were making those available againHow to Put an End to This...if Subtle Hints Dont WorkIf she still doesnt get it, then youll have to be brave and bring out the big guns. Try this the next time her desk begins to resemble a dirty sink, I hate to be that person, but because we work in such tight quarters, I welches wondering if youd mind not letting so many plates pile up?Hard for her to say no to that, right?Learning to do your actual job is important, but so is learning how to navigate awkward workplace issues. So if you spoke up, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for managing thi s one like a professional.Then let me know about any other frustrating office issues youre dealing with on Twitter- I might just write about how to solve it

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The Importance of Honesty in Employment Background Checks

The Importance of Honesty in Employment Background ChecksThe Importance of Honesty in Employment Background ChecksLets face it, even the best of the goody two shoes among us have told a little white lie before. You know the type, those harmless, make everyones feelings happy, protect yours or someone elses ego, that really dont harm anyone, kind of lies. It seems even White House staffers have been known to lay down some untruths from time to time. While this may be fine and dandy, even useful, in our day to day personal interactions, telling a seemingly innocent lie on a professional document such as a resume or cover letter can lead to serious career repercussions. Similarly, few things can torpedo a guaranteed job offer like lying on the all-important background check. A background check is a routine method that most employers use to help ensure their new hires arent going to turn into liabilities down the road. Covering items such as work history, education, credit scores and eve n criminal records, background checks vary in scope from position to position and company to company. All background checks usually begin by asking the prospective employee to supply a extremum set of information, which is then expanded on and verified through the use of a specialty service. Here we delve into the importance of honesty in employee background checks and the specific areas that can get you in trouble if youre caught telling tall tales. Education While the specific degree required will vary by job title, its important to disclose accurate information regarding your degrees, diplomas, and even GPA if asked as part of an employment background check. Many professional positions require specific degrees, licenses or certifications. Failing to meet these can not only cost you your job but potentially your ability to be employed in the field in the future. Even if your company doesnt have specific requirements, be honest in the schools attended and degrees attain fewer false hoods come back to bite you in the end. Reason for Leaving If you left your previous job on less than stellar terms, covering up the circumstances with white lies is the worst approach to take in a new position. Maybe you had personality clashes, HR issues, or the job just wasnt as advertised. Be truthful but professional in expressing that the position just wasnt a good fit.If you were fired or otherwise dismissed from a previous position, its important to note this up front. One of the highest ranked traits among managers is the ability of employees to take responsibility for their actions. If youre a quality candidate, your new hiring manager may be more than willing to overlook minor blemishes, but youll need to be upfront and have an honest conversation in order to move on and build trust with your new employer. Felony Convictions The amount of information youll need to disclose regarding any prior criminal activity or arrest record will vary. If youre applying for a job as a preschool teacher, for example, every speeding ticket may be a required disclosure. For other jobs, only felony convictions or arrests involving drugs may need to be listed.The important thing to remember is to read the requirements of the job your applying for carefully. Arrest records are often a routine part of any background check and failing to disclose the information can damaging to your ability to be gainfully employed. Work Experience While this may not seem like the kind of information that falls into the background check category, many hiring managers will utilize employment verification as part of their due diligence on new hires. After all, a candidates prior relevant experience is typically a large part of the reason they landed the job in the first distributions-mix. It only makes sense, then, that someone would confirm you have the skills and history youve claimed.Accuracy in your work experience disclosure is critical to not only your background check process but al so overall happiness in the new position. Fully disclose not only prior employers but also job titles and critical responsibilities. If you accomplished a major task or claim to have implemented a large initiative and this information was important in the decision to hire you, chances are someone will follow up on the facts. Dont Skimp on the DetailsAs a final important note when it comes to honesty in your employment application, background checks are not the place to hedge or withhold critical information. Requirements for disclosure and specific information will vary from employer to employer. Carefully read the questions on your background check application and answer truthfully and fully to avoid any problems down the road, including a potential rescission of your job offer.If there are a few hiccups in your prior employment or personal information, these arent necessarily immediate roadblocks to the career of your dreams. Be prepared to explain any information that may be bro ught to light, especially the less than favorable bits. The important takeaway is that much like in other walks of life, honesty is generally the best policy. Attempting to cover up, hide or omit background check information compounds the issue and will certainly leave you wanting for both a job and credibility.

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Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Skills on a Resume and What You Should Do Today

Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Skills on a Resume and What You Should Do Today In addition, there are many freelance graphic designers who might be prepared to train you on the pieces you will need to learn. After you receive a few ideas from some other people you are able to begin to piece together your own experience and remember things youd never even consider including on a resume. If you dont search for a job each day, you arent likely to find work. There are plenty of jobs out there. Beginning to construct a resume can be an overwhelming experience. It can be known as a business card. Resume tips also matters a good deal. The Rise of Skills on a Resume When you understand the core potential of an individual, youll also see their peak potential. Even though in the event that you own a lot of technical wisdom and knowledge on your subject, if you lack communication skills then it is going to be very difficult for you to attain higher positions in your b usiness. When you know what skills etc the employer is searching for you need to construct a resume around your very own marketable skills. Skills If there are several varieties of skills which are important to the job which youre applying for, you can include several skills list in your resume. Knowing the distinction is crucial when you would like your skills on a resume stand out. Dont take it personally and forego the expectation that everybody shares the exact degree of enthusiasm for the organization you do. By paying attention to the particular phrasing employed in the work description, youre know just what to concentrate on in your skills section. Remember theres a demand for your skills in the market and theres someone out there searching for you. A skills based resume template offers an applicant lots of room to list their specified abilities and abilities. Job-specific skills vary depending on the position. Transferable skills are not easy to explain in a couple of word phrases. Your transferable abilities, often called soft abilities, are skills you could apply to any job you might do, no matter the specifics. If youre trainable and a superior match for the remainder of the job, odds are, they will hire you and train you. Its definitely difficult to be confronted with a difficult decision like losing your job. This job wants a lot of patience and capability to bear strain and strain. With this growth, no doubt a growing number of jobs will filter by means of this route. An expected employer doesnt need to understand about clubs or organizations that arent related. When creating an effective resume, you want to understand how to compose a skills section since it is but one of the very first things a prospective employer will start looking for to find a fundamental comprehension of what you, as a prospective employee, can bring to their company. Such statements makes employer think what sort of work suites you instead of what you cou ld do. In case you have any personal abilities, it also ought to be supported with evidence and documents so the employer knows for sure that youre being true and your resume reflects credibility. A resume is the 1 tool that could help you understand your upcoming employment dreams. All these are able to be very advantageous in a broad number of professions and are frequently desired skills for any vacancy no matter the business or level of position. Again, consider why you need to go for a particular specialty, and what exactly you think that it will give back to you and your clientele.